BLDV, enables your company to own all the required vehicles safely, regularly and without any problems. In case you have leased your vehicles from BLDV, the only thing that you should think is your driving pleasure.

BLDV, enables your company to enjoy the comfort and dynamism of your vehicles and to forget about all the operational problems and expenses.

The idea is: “Enjoy the driving, be happy”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit for car rental?

Yes, there is a limit for car rental. Daily limit is 300 km, Monthly limit is 250 km. After these limit you will pay 10 DA for every one kilometre.

Which documents do I need for car rental?

For car rental, you need to bring your passport, driver licence copy, Military discharge paper for the Algerian citizens.

How are rates calculated?

The rates are based on a 24 hour rental day starting with the hour you pick up the vehicle.